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What To Visit

Traditional Faires

In the south-western Sicily, facing the African coast, the culinary traditions and religious festivals are still deeply rooted.
At Scicli there are three important festivals related to the Catholic tradition.

Ride St Joseph, on the following Saturday to March 19, there is the ride san giuseppe, traditional parade which commemorates the flight into Egypt of the Holy Family.
Knights and horses in costume covered from head to foot with balicu mantles woven with flowers (violets) and spatulidda (wild lilies) through the city 'in the light of torches and bonfires'.

Easter, The Risen Christ. Genuinely popular due to the ancestral rites of rebirth of nature, is the procession on Easter Sunday Vivu man , the risen Christ , here called "The Joy " , whose statue dancing is done to music in a shower of flowers and fireworks, the streets of downtown.

Our Lady of the Militia. A horse and armed with a sword that is unique in Christianity', it is also the image of the Our Lady of the Militia , which is carried in procession on the last Saturday of May, when it plays also the sacred representation, which became a play, which evokes an ancient clash between citizens of Scicli and the Saracens.

In Noto, every year on the third week of May is dedicated all'infiorata. The event began twenty-six years ago by a group of artists and netini Genzanesi prepare the flowers , and it is precisely in the city ' of Genzano, in the province of Rome that develops this new technique. Today the floral Noto is considered among the most 'beautiful events for the whole island.